Differences between the regulatory and contribution bases: how does it affect retirement?

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Currently, workers who have turned 66 years and 4 months may retire and request their retirement pensionas long as they have contributed to the Social Security for at least 15 years – two of which must have occurred in the 15 years prior to the application for the pension-.This contributory benefit It will be available from age 65 as long as they have contributed for more than 37 and 9 months. The retirement system is currently undergoing a progressive change that increases year by year the retirement age. In the same way, until 2027 the minimum period required to retire at age 65 will increase. In any case, the story of this pension depends on the basic regulation –depending on the contribution bases- and the general percentage that corresponds depending on the years of contributions –In 2023, from the age of 36 and a half, 100% of the regulatory base will be applied. to calculate the import that will be received, it is necessary to understand the differences between the contribution and regulatory bases. Social Security explains that “the contribution base is calculated based on the brutality monthly remuneration that a worker receives”. transportation expensesHowever, it is not worth any remuneration, there are limits. The Social Security sets maximum and minimum limits each year for the contribution bases of the different professional categories. Through Import@ss, the portal of the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS)You can consult an updated report with the contribution bases, with the latest information available at that time. benefits that is received from the Social Security: unemployment, retirement or temporary disability. Thus, a mayor contribution basisThe greater, for example, the retirement pension obtained at the time of retirement will be. Thus, the basic regulation is the amount used to determine the contributory benefits of the social security systeml, that is, it is one of the factors that serve to calculate the amount of your pension. Social Security indicates that, for the ordinary retirement pension, the regulatory base will be the result of dividing by 350 the contribution bases of the interested party during the 300 months (25 years) prior to the previous month in which the right to the pension accrues. benefit.To know the regulatory basis of the current moment, workers can resort to the Social Security Electronic Headquarters, which has a tool for “self-calculation” of the regulatory base of the retirement pension. Of course, the organization itself warns that this basic regulation calculated has “informative character”. That is, it does not generate rights or expectations in its favor or in favor of third parties. A percentage will be applied to the resulting amount of the regulatory base based on the years quoted. In addition, an additional percentage may also be added for extension of the Laboral life if retirement is accessed at an age higher than the ordinary age in force at any given time. Or a corresponding reduction coefficient will be applied if early retirement is accessed. Whatever the corresponding import, the Social Security We will charge it through different payment methods.

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September 23, 2023 2:45 am