Did Jones agree to fight Pavlovich in November? The UFC veteran gave a very strange idea

Did Jones agree to fight Pavlovich in November? The UFC veteran gave a very strange idea

Sergey Sorokin September 22, 2023, 17:00 Moscow time

Is Sonnen simply protecting Bones or does he know more than the rest?

On the night of November 11-12, one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year will take place: UFC 295. The main event of the night will feature a fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic. But Russian mixed martial arts fans hope that one of the fighters will still not be able to enter the cage. And all because our compatriot Sergei Pavlovich became a reserve. He will be ready at any time to replace the retired player, there is no doubt about that. And the other day one of the UFC veterans gave an interesting idea.

Is the Russian hero’s career frozen?

Pavlovich remains still. Instead of a UFC title fight, again only the reserve role

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Pavlovich has secured the Kostyanoy fight. After a three-year layoff, Jones returned to the octagon with a fight against Cyril Gan. And then the Russian also acted as a reserve.

But he never had the opportunity to prove himself and fight for the title. Now the situation is more interesting. And all because Miocic is trying to return after a long period of inactivity. And many rightly express doubts about his willingness to end up in a cage.

Does Stipe really intend to fight Kostyany?

Jones can’t escape Pavlovich. UFC bosses are running out of patience

But two-time UFC title contender and now commentator and analyst Chael Sonnen went further.

At first, he cautiously assessed the Russian fighter’s chances of winning a championship belt in the future: “Pavlovic will be the most dominant fighter in the heavyweight division if Jon Jones retires after the fight with Stipe Miocic. Yes, until Jones retires, but Pavlovich is still the most dominant. He finished six of his six opponents, all in the early rounds.”

And then Sonnen surprised with unexpected revelations. Judging by Chale’s words, Jones is ready to fight Pavlovich in November.

Chael Sonnen

Two-time UFC title contender and now commentator and analyst

“You’re wrong if you think John doesn’t want to fight this guy. Maybe I’ll fight him in November. Just so you understand, he already agreed to fight him. I keep hearing people say that Jones doesn’t want to fight Sergey. Sergey is a reserve fighter, which means that John and Stipe have already been notified about this and agree to fight him. So he stops talking.”

It’s worth noting that Sonnen’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. And all because almost no one gave Jones the right to choose. The UFC independently decides how to select fighters for fights and name substitutes. The heads of the organization certainly did not consult with John and Stipe. They simply presented their opponents with one fact: Pavlovich will be the replacement. Jones could not influence this in any way.

The last time Sonnen was wrong:

Jon Jones hiding his injury? Sergei Pavlovich’s emergency call is not unfounded

Frankly, Sonnen’s words seem unfounded. Most likely, he is simply trying to protect the American from suggestions that Kostyanoy is simply running away from a challenge as serious as Pavlovich. Of course, Russia fans would like Chael to be right and for our hero to have a title shot in November. But it is very difficult to be sure of that. There has been no alarming news from the Jones and Miocic camp yet.

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