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The main venue of the Rostov Region Culture Days will be the Palace of the Republic in Minsk. The festival opened with a concert by the State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Don Cossacks. A. Kvasova. With numerous tricks, dances and songs from the archives of the Paris Cossack Lifeguard Regiment.

As noted by Igor Guskov, first vice-governor of the Rostov region, more than 700 people took part in the “cultural landing” on the Don: artists, musicians, museum workers, librarians, teachers of decorative and applied arts, who will present the best examples of the Don. culture. The best examples of Don culture in six prominent places in Minsk, Vitebsk and Slutsk.

On his Telegram channel, the governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, recalled that the Don authorities agreed to hold cultural days with the leaders of the republic a year ago, when the Don delegation was in Belarus on an official visit.

Photo: provided by the Ministry of Regional Policy and Mass Communications of the Rostov Region.

In addition to theatrical performances and concerts, exhibitions will be held in Belarusian museums. Thus, in the lobby of the large hall of the Palace of the Republic there is an exhibition of museums, crafts and Don crafts. Exhibitions will be presented in particular by the Semikarakorsk Regional House of Folk Art and Ceramics and master classes on traditional crafts will be held. Admission to the exhibition is free.

Another venue for the Culture Days of the Rostov Region in the Republic of Belarus, in the city of Minsk, is the Belarusian State Order of the Red Banner Philharmonic of Labor. The concert of the singing and dance ensemble “Legend” of the Rostov State Philharmonic will take place here. On the same day in Vitebsk, the Rostov Symphony Orchestra will present its concert program on the stage of the Regional Philharmonic Society.

On the stage of the Belarusian National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater, the Rostov State Musical Theater will present the opera “Turandot” and the ballet “Spartacus” by A. Khachaturian.

On the stage of the Belarusian State Academic Musical Theater is the Rostov Academic Drama Theater named after him. M. Gorky, one of the oldest theater groups in Russia, which this year celebrates its 160th anniversary.

Other events will also take place in Slutsk, which this year was chosen as the cultural capital of Belarus. The “Hello, my Homeland!” concert will take place on the stage of the local House of Culture. folklore group “Don Ortodoxo”.

The main goal of the Culture Days is to strengthen historical and spiritual ties between the two peoples, Igor Guskov said during a meeting with the Minister of Culture of Belarus, Anatoly Markevich.

Photo: provided by the Ministry of Regional Policy and Mass Communications of the Rostov Region.

Igor Guskov, in his greeting on behalf of the Governor of the Rostov Region, Vasily Golubev, thanked the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, as well as the government of the republic.

“Culture, together with education and enlightenment, constitutes the human capital of our countries,” said Igor Guskov. “This is part of our historical code, of the national character. For us it is very important that culture has become a unifying force, capable of overcoming distances and uniting entire regions and countries. In the Rostov region in 2023, an important date It is the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the Rostov region from the Nazi invaders. This is our common contribution to the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. War Another significant event is the 270th anniversary of the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812 “, Ataman of the Great Don Army, General of Cavalry Matvey Ivanovich Platov. We are pleased to share our important events with you.”

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September 22, 2023 9:59 pm