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Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 22:42:33

Only 1% of clothing in the world is recycled, so old clothes are taken to Africa, where they end up in landfills. In Russia, according to a study by EcoLine and the Second Wind Foundation, in principle only 1% of things are collected. Furthermore, according to the study, recycling is possible for 78% of textile waste. But not only can they be recycled, but, for example, they can be given to those who need them.

Gradually, collecting things among Russians is becoming more and more popular. It is true that, as noted by the general director of the Ecoplatform “Not Just a Thing” project, Alexey Pogorelets, of 100% of the collected raw materials, 10-15% people bring garbage, 20-25 % of commercially interesting things that are not full of holes, not dirty and potentially reusable. So two-thirds goes to processing, but it’s hard to find a processor, he said.

The director of the Veshchevorota region in the Urals, Natalya Vypolzova, also points out that the only problem the charity faces is textile processing; In Russia there are very few factories of this type. Although now you can find companies that disintegrate unusable textiles and produce non-woven fabrics.

Representatives of the Russian Environmental Operator, which is responsible for working with municipal solid waste in the country, also claim that a clear shortage of textile processing capacity is evident: of 200 thousand tons of textile waste, officially no more than 20 thousand tons Recycled in Russia. But before building factories, it is necessary to establish effective collection of said waste, the organization said.

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