Borodina’s stylist Aleko: I would not recommend anything to Sobchak

Update Post: November 30, 2023 5:55 pm

This year, Borodin began to be dressed by the stylist of Timati’s former lover, Anastasia Reshetova Aleko Photo: Daniil OPARIN

To the presentation of the series “Kesha Must Die”, which will be presented in the KION online cinema starting December 1, Borodina came accompanied by her stylist Aleko. She has been creating images and meeting Ksenia for various events for about a year, and the TV presenter, however, began to look much more impressive. Aleko told KP.RU that the star tries hard, but disputes still arise, and she also described the style of Borodina’s colleague Sobchak.

Ksenia Borodina and Aleko. Photo: Olga Rodina

“Ksenia has a unique talent that few have: she knows how to buy things correctly. She does a great job sorting in the stores, which is great. And I, as a stylist, just adjust the combination of these things. Now I like the style of my subrenal,” Aleko told KP.RU.

For the premiere of the “Kesha Must Die” series, Aleko put together an elegant look for the star: she combined a fitted jacket with a maxi skirt with a slit and patent leather heels. I accessorized the look with some huge, trendy earrings and a miniature clutch.

“Of course we have discussions, because there are things that I am used to. I’m conservative on many topics, so it’s hard for me to experiment. But in the end one must understand for oneself that one is in the hands of a professional and in some matters it is not necessary to discuss, but simply trust,” Borodina shared with KP.RU.

The TV presenter also noted that in Russia it is quite difficult to conduct experiments, as they are usually accompanied by an avalanche of criticism.

“Overseas people are more open to experimentation. When they see Kim Kardashian in some new outfit, they shout “wow!” run to repeat. But at first we have a long condemnation, then rejection and then humility. Remember how five years ago everyone condemned those who wore sandals in combination with tights, and once they really didn’t look good, and then the fashion changed. The hat, for example, was fashionable 30 years ago and now it is becoming popular again,” Ksenia told KP.RU.

By the way, we could not help but remember the recent conflict between Borodina and Sobchak along these lines. In early September, Sobchak posted a video on social media in which he was wearing a top that barely covered his breasts.

Photo: still from Ksenia Sobchak’s video.

“Ksyusha, you had a great conceptual style. I loved your jackets and pantsuits. What fly bit you? – Borodin then left a comment.

In response, Sobchak reminded his reality show colleague of the things he bought at the market. And Borodina recalled how another Ksenia even took tights with holes from the Dom-2 site. However, over time, the girls managed to bury the hatchet. And we asked Aleko if she would give Sobchak some classy advice?

“I would not advise Ksyusha Sobchak anything. Why change something? She likes her identity. She would even call Ksenia’s style intellectual. Therefore, let him wear what he wears,” said Aleko.

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