Borodina told why she and Sobchak are fighting.

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TV presenter Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Recall that in September a scandal broke out among the Ksyushas. Sobchak posted a video on social media in which he wore a top that barely covered his breasts. “Ksyusha, you had a great conceptual style. I loved your jackets and pantsuits. What fly bit you? – Borodin then left a comment. In response, Sobchak reminded his reality show colleague of the things he bought at the market. Borodina responded and the conflict began. Almost three months later, the stars met at an event: the presentation of the series “Kesha Must Die”, which will be presented on KION starting December 1.

First, Ksenia Borodina appeared on the carpet of the Moscow cinema in the company of her stylist Aleko. And then Konstantin Bogomolov (who is also the director and main character of the series “Kesha Must Die”) and his wife Ksenia Sobchak appeared. It is worth noting that both Ksenias looked great: elegant and stylish.

KP.RU asked Borodina how she and Sobchak communicate now.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other in person. And so, in principle, we have been like an older sister and a younger sister for more than 20 years. There are times when we love each other and times when we don’t love each other. There are some questions for each other. But we don’t stop being close people to each other. I always treat Ksenia with great love and understanding,” Ksenia Borodina told KP.RU.

Let’s add that Ksenia “didn’t love each other” last September. So Borodin’s response to Sobchak’s ridicule about Cherkizon things was no less caustic.

“Well, you probably didn’t read the post carefully and maybe you didn’t write it yourself. I wrote my opinion quite correctly, without offending you in any way; On the contrary, I praised you for your style, which you have followed for a long time. And it is not my place to tell you about Cherkizon. You didn’t let me throw away the tights with holes and you packed them all at home. All the Savage down jackets went home for you too. “Let’s not get so angry,” Borodina replied.

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