Bilostenny was reinstated due to disqualification. Sergey knocked out his opponent with a record player

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Bilostenny was reinstated due to disqualification. Sergey knocked out his opponent with a record player

Igor Nekrasov September 24, 2023, 09:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The Russian achieved his first victory in Bellator.

The Bellator 299 tournament was held in Dublin (Ireland). Russian heavyweight Sergei Bilostenny fought on the preliminary card. In the first round he spectacularly knocked out Kasim Aras.

Sergey Bilostenny made his debut in MMA in 2015, he fought in many Russian promotions: Fight Nights, ACB, RCC. In 2018, he lost to Mukhumat Vakhaev via choke, after which he went on a five-fight winning streak and signed a contract with Bellator.

The debut in the new league was not the most successful for the Russian. Sergei’s opponent was the experienced American Tyrell Fortune. The fight turned out strange: Fortune knocked Sergei down and took position on top. Bilostenny hit the American in the back of the head with his elbow, to which the referee did not react. Subsequently, Sergei threw a dozen more such blows, after which he finished off his opponent. But after the meeting, the judges still disqualified Sergei and gave the victory to the American.

On Bilostenny’s Bellator debut:

The Russian giant knocked out his opponent and lost. Bellator’s most uncomfortable debut

In the second fight, Bilostenny received the German Kasim Aras as an opponent. He had a modest record of 6-3 and also had a loss in his Bellator debut. For Sergei this was an opportunity to express himself and he made the most of it. From the first seconds of the fight, Sergey began to actively crush his opponent from a distance, throwing powerful low kicks and working from a distance. Bilostenny seemed more powerful than his opponent and was in complete control of the situation in the cage. Twice Sergei launched a roundhouse kick to his opponent’s liver.

And at the end of the third minute, Sergei repeated the trick, only this time he hit the head: a powerful spinner went straight to Kasim’s jaw. Aras “floated”, finishing him off was a matter of technique. A series of powerful blows, and the referee saved the German athlete, ending the fight. Sergey Bilostenny got his first victory in Bellator. Besides.

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