Beginners’ dance in Rostov. CSKA’s miraculous acquisitions saved the game for the military team

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Last season, CSKA and Rostov fought for medals in the Russian Premier League until the last round. As a result, the teams had to decide the fate of the silver prizes in a head-to-head dispute. Vladimir Fedotov’s team literally crushed their opponent in the first half of that match, scoring four unanswered goals in just over half an hour, and the second half of the match became a formality. As a result, places on the podium went to CSKA and Spartak. And the southerners obtained the fourth most offensive place in any sports competition.

Valery Karpin’s team started the new season without success, taking only two wins in eight rounds. But the Rostovites clearly did not forget about that June defeat, which left them without medals. And we started the home game on matchday nine against the army team in a crazy mood.

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The first fifteen minutes of the game were very reminiscent of the beginning of a summer game at the VEB Arena. It’s just that the teams seem to have switched roles. CSKA looked frankly confused and the home team strutted desperately over the opposition defense.

It all started with a cannon shot by Alexei Mironov. The southern midfielder received the ball from Mohebi and decided to shoot from more than thirty meters. Igor Akinfeev couldn’t help his team in this episode. Besides. In five minutes the Rostovites increased their advantage. Egor Golenkov found himself in a killer position in the army penalty area and with a point-blank shot illuminated the number “2” on the scoreboard next to his team name.

And very soon the score was supposed to increase. Zdelar, passing behind, placed the ball right on Bayramyan’s foot. Khoren pushed Akinfeev out of his way with one graceful move and hit an empty corner. How he could fail in this situation, the Rostov midfielder is unlikely to explain to himself.

Little by little, CSKA began to come to its senses. The military team advanced the game towards Pesyakov’s goal and was able to reduce the difference. The Brazilian newcomer to the capital club, after receiving the ball from Gayich, brought Vladimir Fedotov’s team back into this match. Furthermore, at the end of the half the red and blue looked noticeably better than their opponents. And one could assume that the entire second half would unfold under his dictate.

But shortly after returning from the locker room, the military team received a cold shower again. The Moscow defense failed again on Golenkov and Egor scored a double, restoring the previous difference on the scoreboard.

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It seemed that the red and blue would never recover from this blow. But the charity performance of the CSKA newcomers continued that night. First, Kelven found Fedor Chalov in the other’s area and one of last season’s top scorers once again gave his team hope.

And then it was time for another miraculous acquisition by the army team. Víctor Dávila placed the ball right on the foot of Abbosbek Faizullaev, who restored equality on the scoreboard with a powerful shot under the crossbar.

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In the remaining time, the Rostovites were a little more active on the field, from whose hands it seemed that a guaranteed victory was already moving away. But no more goals were scored in this match. 3-3: draw in the super match, at the end of which I don’t want to talk about Rostov’s lost victory. CSKA’s newcomers finally showed themselves in all their glory. And the next opponents of Vladimir Fedotov’s team should pay more attention to the analysis of their game.

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