Arsenal failed to win the derby. Although the Tottenham defender did everything possible for it

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Arsenal failed to win the derby. Although the Tottenham defender did everything possible for it

Grigory Telingater September 24, 2023, 18:51 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Christian Romero will remember this match for a long time.

Arsenal and Tottenham are two teams that have had a great start to the season. Both clubs came into the head-to-head confrontation with 13 points (four wins and one draw). In addition to the good results, the teams also show truly offensive football. And if we got used to this type of Arsenal play last season, Tottenham’s stylistic revolution under new manager Angelos Postecoglou is impressive. Immediately after his appointment, the team began to show dominant football.

Arsenal took advantage of this in the first half. While Tottenham had more possession of the ball, the hosts played on the counterattack. Thus they opened the scoring, crossing the entire field in a couple of seconds and placing Saka in a shooting position in the area. Here White made a significant contribution, rushing down the flank and distracting two opponents at once. As a result, no one covered Saki’s blow. It looks like he shot wide, but the ball hit Romero’s leg and flew toward the goal.

In fact, Arsenal should have scored more goals before the break. Tottenham’s style of play caused moments of danger near their own goal. On two occasions the visitors played the ball away from the goalkeeper and were cut off hard: first Udoji missed and then Maddison. However, on these occasions Nketiah and Jesus did not take advantage of excellent opportunities.

In this way, Tottenham were even able to recover before the break. Maddison himself avoided Saka and crossed to Son, who sent the ball along an ideal trajectory, the only one that allowed him to score.

In the second half, Romero continued with his work. Only this time he didn’t score in his own goal, but instead gave his rival a penalty. The defender raised his hand high as White hit and the ball hit him. Saka scored from 11 meters and for the second time in the match he celebrated a goal Maddison style, as if he were throwing a dart from a dart.


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It is true that this time Tottenham recovered even faster. A minute later, Jorginho, who was entering the field after the break, made a serious mistake. He fumbled when it was absolutely unacceptable. In the end, Maddison and Son faced a defender, played the ball and the Korean shot accurately on goal (2:2).

In the remaining time both teams had chances. Arsenal have a little more, but in the 90th minute + 10 everything could have been decided by Richarlison if his shot had not been blocked. However, a significant event occurred before the final whistle. Tottenham’s best player at the start of the season, Maddison, was injured and lay on the grass for a long time. He continued to play for a while, but was eventually replaced. He seems only because of the injury.

Manchester United still has more problems with its squad:

Looking at the Manchester United squad makes me want to cry. Only Jonny Evans could provide an assist.

Thus, the derby ended in a draw. The best result for the Londoners’ competitors. On the other hand, both teams continued their undefeated streak.

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