ADT and Ilunion join forces to offer a new Customer Service service

Update Post: November 28, 2023 10:11 pm

ADT ares of quality; combining the resources and knowledge of both organizations to address new challenges in a comprehensive manner.

Thus, the combination of ADT’s experience and innovation, with its already award-winning service, added to the experience and customer relations capabilities of Ilunion’s Contact Center area, is resulting in an excellent customer service adapted to the changing market and customer needs.

Within the framework of ADT’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies and strengthening an alliance that is consolidated after a year of working together, which began last September 2022, added to a team that has tripled since then; The experience acquired in this period and the important training provided to the resources dedicated to the service have made it possible to increase the type of activity. In this way, ADT strengthens its commitment to society and selects Ilunion as a reference in transformation and diversity, committing to people and the community.

“At ADT we trust in Ilunion’s services, which with their knowledge and experience improve communications and relationships with our clients and guarantee us maximum efficiency in operation and access to technology, as well as great experience and specialization in We believe “It is extremely important to choose a reliable call center appropriate to ADT’s specific needs, such as the ILUNION Contact Center area,” commented Alejandro Gutiérrez, Director of Customer Experience at ADT.

Today, in addition to top-level Customer Service, Technical Assistance is also offered, thus responding to queries that require a higher level of specialization and outbound calls are managed focused on Customer Loyalty and Quality Control. Among other services, this union will allow:

– Improved customer service with fast assistance, in extended and personalized hours.

– Specialization, with specially prepared agents that allow more effective and professional interactions.

– Advanced technology, with call centers that have specialized technology in call routing systems, customer management software and analysis tools, which help improve the efficiency and quality of service, infrastructure and technology.

– Strengthen the brand image, with efficient and friendly customer service, which contributes positively to customers’ perception of the brand.

In this way, the team offers personalized treatment to each client, avoiding the industrialization of the service and robotization. In a service of constant change where evolutions and inspirations come from the clients themselves, ADT’s partners in Customer Service must always rise to the occasion. The incorporation of Ilunion as a strategic partner allows ADT to work with companies that share the same values ​​and objectives, putting clients at the focus of the service without neglecting the staff that makes up the team.

“We win when our clients win. We seek long-term strategic relationships, to accompany our clients by providing them with exceptional experiences and solutions,” commented Carlos Villa, Commercial Director of Ilunion Contact Center BPO, adding that “Ilunion is a unique business model that demonstrates that economic and social profitability it’s possible. We are leaders in Spain in labor inclusion of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, which makes us leaders in transformation and diversity, always faithful to our purpose of ‘Building a better world with everyone included’.

Taking into account the data published by the Association of Customer Experience Companies (CEX) in its annual report, around 70% of all people with disabilities who carry out their professional activity in this sector do so at Ilunion Contact Center BPO, This consolidates the company as the largest social initiative contact in the country, and a model of labor inclusion for people with disabilities.

Ilunion Contact Center BPO is certified by AENOR in accordance with the UNE-CEN/TS16880:2015 standard for Excellence in Service, creating exceptional experiences for the client. It is the first contact center in Spain to have this certification, which represents external confirmation of being on the right path for the development of a global culture of continuous improvement and the search for maximum quality throughout the organization, always putting the customer at the center. . in the central focus.

ADT, with six consecutive awards under its belt as “Customer Service of the Year”, which recognize its effectiveness and personalization of service, offers its clients a complete and personalized customer service, made up of more than 280 people who They form ADT Spain: from the customer service centers, technical service and the Alarm Receiving Center, to ADT’s commercial services, all strongly committed to providing a friendly and personalized service.

“The constant search for excellence and continuous improvement are the fundamental values ​​of Ilunion and also ours. The importance of taking care of people is displayed in all areas, and just as we take care of our clients, Ilunion takes care of each of its members. Our philosophies have come together to offer the best service, with the quality that our clients need and taking into account that we can all help make home security increasingly more efficient,” commented Alejandro Gutiérrez, Director of Customer Experience at ADT. . .

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