Adif plans the Cercanías station that will serve Madrid Nuevo Norte

The Railway Infrastructure Administrator has given the starting signal to the project so that Cercanías trains stop in Madrid Nuevo Norte, the urban planning operation that will transform the north of the capital. He has done so by launching the contract to draft the projects for the new Fuencarral-Malmea commuter station, infrastructure that will serve the future residents of this urban area previously known as Operation Chamartín. Most of the residential land in the area will be located around the facility, which will turn it into a strategic point for the mobility of its future neighbors from day one.

Adif launches this contract just a few days after announcing its plans for the new Imperial station, located in the Arganzuela district. Both actions are part of the improvement plan for the Cercanías Madrid network, which contemplates the extension of the network to Soto del Real, the reform of a good part of the stations or the improvement of the network management systems to guarantee its fluidity. . and avoid continuous incidents in the service.

The future Fuencarral-Malmea station is part of the agreements signed between Adif and Distrito Castellana Norte, the company promoting the reform of the area, which still has not moved a single meter of land until the sale of the land is signed. . . The stop will be located 900 meters south of the current Fuencarral station, where trains on the Cercanías line C-4 stop today, and which will be demolished. It will have four tracks and two 200-meter-long platforms that will allow transferring to another train without having to change platforms.

The project also contemplates actions such as the remodeling of the Fuencarral corridor road scheme, the renewal of the infrastructure, the disappearance of part of the buildings that lose their current use (as workshop buildings) or the installation of an underground parking lot under the same. This will have 400 seats capacity and three levels deep.

All these actions must be tendered by Adif in the future, which assumes a period of three years to draft the necessary projects and another two to execute the work. This brings the start of construction to 2027, at the earliest, and its completion in 2029, when from then on it could enter service, once it receives approval from the various railway safety authorities.

MNN project another station

The Madrid Nuevo Norte operation will have the Chamartín station as its backbone, around which most of the offices and high-rise towers will be located. To adapt it to new mobility and the increase in traffic as a result of the liberalization of the railway sector, Adif is proceeding with its remodeling, expanding the tracks intended for high speed and expanding the spaces.

In recent months, the old concourse has been recovered to serve Cercanías trains and interest has been announced in developing a new northern head that would allow for a departure terminal and an arrival terminal. With the aim of taking advantage of the railway land that is freed up and making use of the significant number of open fields and land currently unused, more than 10,000 homes will be built.

The project of the Madrid Nuevo Norte partners agreed with Adif also includes a second railway station initially called “Fuencarral Norte”. Neither it nor its counterpart in Malmea would be connected to the Metro line promised by regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, since the suburban stops would remain 250 meters from the Cercanías stops. With only three stops, this new line, which will be automated, will require a transfer in Chamartín so that travelers continue their routes to any other point further south in the city.

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September 22, 2023 9:40 pm