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Reforestation standards require 20 percent of the area to be planted with closed-root forest crops in 2023 and 30 percent in 2025.

The project was implemented on the basis of Kamensky LDK LLC (part of the Altailes holding). A planting line was purchased, a greenhouse was built and a field for growing seedlings was organized. The planned capacity of the center is up to 2 million seedlings per year, if necessary, it is possible to increase the capacity to 5 million. The first planting was carried out in May, the already grown seedlings are ready for planting in the ground.

The growth speed of seedlings and their high survival rate are the main advantages of the technology compared to seedlings with an open root system. At the base of the farm there are 4 forest nurseries, where the planting material is grown in the traditional way, in the open field. The new technology has a number of advantages, such as saving seed material (growing seedlings with ACS requires 54 kg of seeds, and with ZKS 7 kg), reducing growth time, increasing sowing time (all growing season from April to October), high survival rate (up to 95 percent in the first year), automation of production.

“It should also be noted that the new technology minimizes damage to the planting material as a result of excessive drying of the root system during transportation to the forest zone. Thanks to this, the survival rate of the planting material is much better. Now the employees of the center are working on the quality of planting material. It is necessary to correctly configure a number of parameters: lighting, humidity, substrate, temperature. The center was built primarily for the needs of the holding companies, but is also ready to accept applications from other companies in our and neighboring regions,” said Valeri Loginovsky, director of Kamensky LDK LLC, candidate of biological sciences.

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The location of the new center was not chosen by chance. Here in Vylkovo there is a cone dryer where pine seeds are obtained, as well as a seed storage bank. Thus, with the launch of the center, the technology for cultivating new forests was closed.

“For the holding, this is one of the most anticipated and strategically important forest objects, our brainchild. I would like to wish employees interest in their work and achieving high results for the benefit of the forests of the Altai Territory,” emphasized Ivan Klyuchnikov , general director of the Altailes holding company.

As noted by the director of the Vylkovsky forest site, Viktor Miller, local residents reacted positively to the creation of modern production, since comfortable jobs are appearing in the village.

The creation of new forests on leased forest areas is a priority area of ​​work for the Altailes holding. Every year, forest crops are planted, supplemented and cared for on tens of thousands of hectares, and more than 10 million seedlings are grown.

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