A dead dog from the underworld ordered him to revive the country: all the oddities of the new Argentine president Harvey Miley

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Harvey Miley caused a lot of noise with her victory in the presidential elections in Argentina. AP Photo / EASTERN NEWS

The new president of Argentina, Harvey Miley, made a lot of noise with his victory in the presidential elections, because unlike the boring traditional politicians who try to “lick” his image, he is not ashamed of his eccentric antics and dubious facts in his speech . Biography.


Miley, 53, has no wife or children, but he himself calls his dogs, of which he has four, his closest friends. The mascots were named after famous economists, which is not surprising, because for most of his life the future president of Argentina taught economics at local universities. Surrounding the man are Murray (Rothbard), Milton (Friedman), Robert and Lucas (the last two are named after Robert Lucas).

A politician in the studio of an Argentine television channel with his puppies, 2018.

Photo: YouTube

However, there is one nuance: all of Miley’s dogs are clones of her most beloved pet, the English mastiff Conan, named after the fantasy hero Conan the Barbarian. The “original” dog appeared in the politician’s house in 2004. According to Miley’s biographers, this animal became the politician’s “true and greatest love”, which is why he was so upset by the death of the mastiff in 2017. After Conan’s death, the future president even visited a medium to try to contact his favorite after his death.

According to Reuters, the future head of Argentina paid about $50,000 to create clones of the deceased dog.

Javier Miley’s followers celebrate his victory in Buenos Aires.



An employee of Noticias magazine, Juan Luis González, in his bestseller published about Miley with the strong title “Crazy”, described his hero as “a very strange man, who suffers from many psychological problems.”

According to the author of the book, Miley is a person who throughout her life has experienced a feeling of deep loneliness and has suffered domestic violence from her parents and constant harassment from her peers. As a result, this led to the fact that the politician became friends with her dog.

Miley, 53, has no wife or children; The politician considers her dogs his closest friends.


Furthermore, the author of the book claims that Miley, through a medium, may have managed to establish “direct communication” with Conan in the afterlife, and transmitted to him God’s instructions to become president and lead Argentina out of the crisis. The Argentine newspaper Nación wrote that the future head of state once said in a narrow circle that he and Conan first met in a past life more than two thousand years ago in the arena of the Roman Coliseum as a gladiator and a lion, Although they didn’t fight then, because they were destined to join forces in the future at the right time. And that moment has arrived in Argentina in 2023…

Gonzalez claims that Miley has an extremely short temper, which quickly turns into violent outbursts. Because of this, the future head of state reportedly fought hard to prevent her medical history from being revealed and in private conversations he feared he would be considered crazy.


In addition to the future president himself, his sister Karina Miley also draws attention, who is sometimes called her brother’s “puppeteer.” This is also evidenced by her nickname “La Jefa,” which apparently characterizes her place in the political destiny of Argentina’s new leader.

Javier Miley with his sister Karina.


The lady herself is very similar to her brother: she has no children, she was not married and, in addition, she also loves dogs. It is true that, unlike the president, she has only one dog: a Swiss shepherd.

According to Argentine media, Karina is Miley’s main assistant and strategist, controlling her every move. She is responsible for the politician’s image, relations with the press, campaign planning and financial management.

Miley at an election rally in the fall of 2023.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

Additionally, Karina is known to be a fan of tarot readings and supposedly makes decisions and gives advice to her brother based on card combinations. However, not much is known for certain about the real relationship between brother and sister, because sister Mileya herself tries to stay in the shadows, and Javier is not willing to let anyone from the outside into his inner circle.

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