Interview: ‘VHS DEATH- Llorona’

[Beto Sigala]

VHS DEATH is the stage name of Natalie Wardle. Her solo project is an e.b.m, deconstructed club and post-industrial act. Debut album ‘Llorona’, is a collection of tunes that mix intensity, moody episodes and melancholic vibes that embrace the darkness in a very introspective way. I had the chance to interchange some ideas with Natalie, and she took the time to explain her feelings about this album and some other stuff.

What inspired you the most to make your own music?

Coming abstractly from a diarist point of view mainly. Music has always been my main outlet for emotional catharthis, an a way to make reflect on my own sense of reality.

The first album is like an opera prima, maybe is the most primal state for an artist for coming out to the world and try to succeed in a scene full of everything. How can you describe composing ‘Llorona’?

I’m glad you think that. It started out as this myth I was told about by Vinny (my previous bassist before becoming VHS DEATH), who was Mexican from Texas an i grew up with the fearful tale of the mourning Llorona searching for her children, who she drowned in he river as revenge for her husband abandoning her. This haunting image really resonated with us both having experienced trauma from childhood parental separation and death, as well as previous toxic relationships ending. This naturally lead us to making it the theme, as I wanted Vincent’s roots in the Mexican occult to shine through on these compared to the previous ones.

How was to cover Everything But The Girl and a song that is very important for many people in the world?

This was a nostalgic song for me, growing up as a kid in he nineties. That sense of dissonance, an reliving certain disturbing events over an over-getting stuck in my own head, the singer’s introversion was alluring to me. The realness within that house pop anthem is rare. An very ahead of its time, as this sense of disconnection is ever increasing, as a result of our online interactions disrupting the effect of our real life connections. The unhealthy connections we falsely maintain online which would otherwise be consigned to the past. Haunting us much like Llorona.

I work in an office, and sometimes I find the time to write about the music i like. What do you do for living?

Fortunately off the back of this, I’ve now been offered multiple paid gigs, as well as djing an promoting a few shows, I also help organise electronic music festivals and warehouse events

Tell about showcasing ‘Llorona’ live and the shows coming this fall and winter.

It has been an insightful, an reflective experience so far. I’ve learnt it really is about maintaining the connection with the audience sharing a feeling, a kind of melancholy intimacy. The visual elements of projections an the performance art itself is something that pulls me more an more as a form of extension to the art itself. I’m really looking forward to the next one’s. Most definitely Deathwave Festival in OC, USA next year (curated by Deathwave Records).


‘Llorona’ is being released on the Spanish record label Diffuse Reality. Listen to this EP in the link below.







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