Interview: ‘Bring Her’, the virtues of exploring one’s own nature and instincts

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Nadine and Marcus are the composing members of ‘Bring Her’, a musical duo formed in the cold lands of Pennsylvania, and committed to express dark feelings that emerge as a style they call sorrow wave. Their  mix of electronics, guitar riffs, and desperate vocals of Nadine, create and overwhelming sensation of industrial sounds, urban desperation, and a connection with the dilema of the human experience. Bring Her has an acid vibe, nevertheless,  the futuristic style printed in their sound  is very enjoyable. Both members of ‘Bring Her’ (Nandine and Marcus), share their musical ideas, and the virtues of exploring the own nature, among some other clever points of view.

How did you met? How was your approach for making music together?

We met in art school and have remained very close ever since. Over the years we’ve collaborated on a bunch of art related projects including writing music together in very casual settings- mostly just experimenting with different sounds/structures. With BRING HER the approach is much more focused, we work through the song writing in a very meticulous manner. Both of us contributing equally to the process. for instance, Nadine is as involved with writing guitar parts as she is her vocals and synth lines. same goes for every other element on a track.

Was there any particular message you wanted to comunicate through music?

The virtues of exploring one’s own nature and instincts, individualism, and finding strength through a belief system that is in line with your own perspective and lifestyle- resistance against tyranny over the body and mind.

I have to work in an office to write about music i like, What do you do for living?

We are both tattooers and work together in our own private studio.

‘Bring Her’ to me has an acid sound, the vocals feel rough, desperate. How did you get to the music is recorded in your eponimous album?

Well, it’s honestly a very natural process writing songs together. We usually start with a drum beat, and work from there. We don’t try to sound like anyone else, or have a specific goal in mind for each track. Sometimes we might have a very simple idea to start, like, let’s make this song very fast, heavy, or whatever- Then we let it develop organically and see where it goes. there is a lot of listening back and editing until we hear what we like.

Bring Her – 2019

Lately i’ve been listening a lot to The Specials and Madness. What kind of music do you like, that doesn’t have to do that much with darkwave?

We definitely don’t listen to a ton of darkwave music. we prefer to isolate ourselves from related genres besides a few favorites and some friends bands. honestly, we both enjoy a really eclectic range of music.

When i talk to independent musicians of these days, i always find some sort of resentment for how the music industry works. Do you feel the same?

We really are not concerned with who is the biggest most popular band, in fact, that can be a huge turn off and i guess because we feel that way there is no resentment toward the music industry. The business side really doesn’t have anything to do with our approach to making music. We don’t have any marketing strategy or anything like that. we choose to do things on our own terms, focusing more on DIY ethics. Our primary goal is to create interesting music, become better musicians, and ultimately become a better band. if someone feels like they are owed some fame or financial success, they are mistaken. we believe in working hard, being true to ourselves and having a good time with the people we play shows with.

This decade has been very prolific for dark music, what do you think is going to happen to the postpunk scene in a few years from now?

It is probably not going away anytime soon. all styles are being expanded upon and taken in new directions and that is where we like to focus our attention, looking for new sounds. creativity is very important to us. we are definitely not interested in hearing or making overly derivative recreations.



Tell me about the videoclip for “Curses Not Promises”.

That video was created in conjunction with our friend Tim from Poison Point. when it came time to make a video we felt very comfortable sending some raw imagery to Tim. Even though he is located in Paris, we felt we were on the same page and it would be a seamless collaboration. e personally shot the footage of Nadine singing/on bass and me on guitar then sent it to him. Tim then shot some still footage of different skulls in a natural history museum in Paris, he then combined the two rough sketches into one finished product. after only a few edits back and forth, it was finished. it is likely we will work together on another video soon.

The crazy world we’re living on must be an inspiration for any artist. How do you see all the mess around the globe, is that somenthing you care about?
Unfortunately, most of the global issues facing the world today are in the hands of our respective governments. being responsible for ourselves, the real power is in controlling your own behavior to suit your own life- impacting the people in your circle in a positive way and avoiding people who are not in line with that.

Bring Her – 2019 (Black Verb Records/Phage Tapes/ICY COLD RECORDS)

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