Interview: Boston based band ‘Oddysseys’ is set to release their first LP

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Boston based proyect Oddysseys is about to release their debut Long Play album ‘Odd Behavior’on april 13th. They find the time and inspiration to create moody melancholic music that involves a mix of postpunk and dream pop vibes. They have a solid debut EP captured in ‘Odd’ (2016). We chatted with Treon about the way he sees music and some details of the upcoming album.


Why you decided to form Oddyseys? Is there any particular fact that inspired you to make music?

Christian Treon (Oddysseys): I’ve written songs since I was pretty young, and for Odd it was the easiest means of expression for me. It’s hard for me to express deep emotion without music, so I wanted to explore how much I could share with music. It says a lot more than I could with only words. That’s kind of where the name come, strange explorations, find sounds and words that mean something to me. 

Oddysseys sounds honest. How was for you to look for your own sound, and try to make it in a very cynical world with so many artists and too many information?

Christian Treon (Oddysseys): It is honest for me, I just want to create the mood I’m feeling with my instruments, make it tangible and real, and let the words further vocalize it. It took a long time, not only to find the right tone for my instruments, be also the tone I’m trying to set with the music overall.


When i write, i find easier to write about sad feelings rather than find happy thoughts. Where does you sad vibe come from?

Christian Treon (Oddysseys): It’s harder to write a happy song that sounds genuine. I don’t really think about others listening when I write, I try and focus on what I’m feeling at that moment and channel it into something productive, something I can revisit and understand at another time.

Oddysseys is not easy to label, do you feel part of any musical scene, or inspired from any other musician or artist?

Christian Treon (Oddysseys): For us maybe it’s a blend of post punk and dream pop. Artists like The Cure, Slowdive, Beach House, Francoise Hardy, and New Order knew how to cultivate a mood or a feeling and evoke it over an entire album. It’s something that’s been really important to us, creating an immersive feeling that we could connect with.

Tell me about the creating process of the new album. Is it more personal or more rhetorical?

Christian Treon (Oddysseys): I’ve been writing these songs since Odd’s first ep. Its definitely personal, and it feels a lot bigger than what we’ve put out before. There’s four of us on it and you can really feel it. There’s energy there, each body bringing his own take and feel with each song. Every song on the album reflects a different feeling or emotion and how I act as a result of it. There’s little moods created in and between each song. Some are seductive, some are longing, others express frustration. It’s allowed me a platform of expression that I really haven’t had before. It’s about attitude and choices, how we move forward as a result of it.

The music world is really rough, how is your day by day, what’s the biggest satisfaction of being an independent act?

Christian Treon (Oddysseys): I like being able to move and explore at my own pace. I don’t have to think about what others want or be on anybody’s schedule except my own. I get to take my time with these songs and with this album. I was able to be able to decipher how I’m feeling and what I’m interested in, and see how it’s all reflected in the music. It shapes the way I work in every aspect. At the end it’s really rewarding seeing how far you’ve come with a project see how you’ve changed and how your process has, I don’t know if it’d be the same if we weren’t an independent act.


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