Klammer’s new album “You Have Been Processed”

[Beto Sigala] 08/08/2018

2018 is the year i found Klammer, a band that represents a mix of youth and experience. Steve Whitfield (Guitar/Vocals) is a familiar name as a producer for bands like The Cure and The Mission. Nevertheless, it was until 2012 when he decided to form klammer, absorbing all those years involved in british rock, to create his own sound with a band that has clear influences of post-punk, goth rock and alternative rock.

Today is a especial moment for a Klammer, trying their own thing with strong lyrics and rythim, and the good taste you would spect from any english rock band. The release of their third album “You Have Been Processed” is just a couple of days away, and it has a clear and vision about today’s world, overwhelming technology, obscure politics, false idols and darkness everywhere.


Steve Whitfield itself, talked with us about what it means to make music in these days and the new album. “I think over the first two albums we were finding out what we’re doing and with this new one I think it sounds more like, well Klammer!. From the writing/demoing/recording/mixing and doing the artwork it’s probably taken us almost 2 years of hard work. But I think it’s been worth the effort, I think it’s the most together and consistent album we’ve done. Although it’s definitely not just the same song x12, there’s a lot of variation over the album but it I think it sounds like it’s all from the same band and album! But ask me again in a year’s time, we’re still way too close to it at the moment”. I’m glad I lived through the start of punk and then post-punk but I’m also glad I’m living in 2018. We try to take some of the influences from the past and add a new slant to it, to make it Klammer. I do miss that’s there’s no longer many record companies to invest their specialist knowledge, time and money into developing bands like ours anymore, but fortunately it’s now much easier to do for yourself than it ever has been. Although it does take a lot of our time away from writing/rehearsing/etc”.

There’s no doubt the ideas and sound of Klammer has grown through the years. Besides the singles “Modern God” and “Spiral Girl”, two great songs, the record has other fine moments like the track that opens “Coast to Coast”; an enegetic and melodic piece of good rock. Or “Mechanical Boy” a track that brings back their influences of 90’s alternative rock. “Baddest Blocks” is all about old school punk rock, presented to this live in form of Klammer, and with its own british DNA. There’s no need to draw comparisons with other english rock bands anymore, Klammer has develope their own vibe, and the new record is a living prove.

The present is in some ways contradictory for music and musicians, but Klammer has harnessed all their wisdom in music to create something that doesn’t need to be analyzed much for labeling it as very enjoyable rock. With “You Have Been Processed” we can sense a lot of old school, but the album doesn’t kneel down totally to nostalgia, it also take risks in its own search for bringing a fresh sound, for reflecting the current time in the lyrics, and creating oustanding riffs and bass lines. “Do It Yourself” is more alive than ever; Klammer is the living proof that is never too late to do it.

Klammer – You Have Been Processed

August 10th




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