A brief talk with ‘Cold Showers’ before their shows in Mexico

[Por Beto Sigala]

I heard Cold Showers for the first time in my life thanks to Spotify. Instantly i had a crush with them and the Ritual Howls, because i found in them a progression of this days post punk sound and also other influencies. Cold Showers fascinated me with their BC tune, a track that i heard so many times in a short time un muy first aproach with the band. This song reminded me A Flock Of Seagulls in a good sense, but then i drowned on their album “Matter of Choice”, a refine sound, as dark as captivating, that gets you deep in the emotions of this californian banda. It was such a pleasure to talk (virtually) with Chris King, waiting for their first show in Mexico, and with a high expectation for the band’s upcoming album.

BS:What’s the expectation of giving this shows in Mexico? Is there any particular feeling that you share wit Human Tetris?

CK -: I have personally always been fascinated by Russia, so I’m extra excited to play with Human Tetris and probably annoy them by asking them how to say a bunch of Russian phrases. I love how the language sounds, I love Russia’s rich history (that is largely ignored in US school systems), and as a diehard hockey fan I am forever appreciative of the way Russians evolved the game.

BS:Lately we’ve seen the explotion of post punk – darkwave made in the US, people in Mexico is so aware of Drab Majesty and Chelsea Wolfe and other projects, but what’s going on with Cold Showers and the Californian music scene?

I can’t speak for other bands, or any sort of scene, but I do know that as for us, we pretty much don’t pay attention to scenes or movements and just sort of do whatever we feel like doing. I will say that our new record will be the least post-punk of anything we’ve ever done, but that isn’t a reaction against anything, and more just us exploring new sounds and ideas to keep ourselves stimulated and challenged.

BS:I think your sound has evolved between “Love And Regret” and “Matter of Choice”,you can notice a difference between those records. What changed in those years that affected the sound and made it darker?

CK: The world around us has become darker, and we’ve gone through some membership changes, so those things always have a subconscious impact on how a new record sounds.

BS:What can you tell us about the new music that you are composing? Are you planning to release it soon?

CK : Our new album will be by far our most pop focused work, and certainly the album we’ve felt the most confident about going in to recording. We just finished the basic tracking last week, and so far it has been the smoothest record making experience we’ve ever had. We’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of great collaborators on this record. It is due out in November.

BS:The world is crazy and humanity is in a dark place. How all this mess affect the way you do your music, is this something that you pay attention to?

CK : Yes, the current state of global affairs is definitely something we all pay attention to, and of course it influences our music both in conscious and subconscious ways.

BS:Is there something in particular that you want that mexican fans know before the concerts in Mexico?

CK: We’ve been wanting to play in Mexico for a long time and we’re really excited to finally make this happen. Mexico has always supported us heavily and there’s literally no way that we could ever express enough gratitude.

Cold Showers will be showing their live act for the first time in Mexico, and it’s a great oportunity to hear them performing alongside Human Tetris in Mexico City on june 15, and Guadalajara on june 16 in C3 Stage.




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